Hyatt Place Roseville Summary

The Hyatt Place Roseville has everything stacked against it.  Despite being right next to the Sacramento region's premier mall, it is separated by a canal, making a walk to the Roseville Galleria doable but impractical.  Rooms come in two shapes with two possible configurations: Corner and Standard with King or two Twins.  Breakfast is standard fare.
For all of the downsides, the staff make the best of it for guests.
Over the last two months, I completed 22 single-night stays at this hotel in order to retain my Diamond Status with Hyatt, which will get us fantastic amenities over the next two years at hotel's in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the Maldives, Kauai, and more!

The two highlights during our stay (for better or worse):

- A grand re-opening celebration with complementary food-trucks from the region and champaign.
- Kim getting cut on broken glass lodged in the couch (complements of the previous occupants)

My 22 nights (all separate stays), began eventfully when on my way there for the first stay I was side-swiped by an uninsured, unlicensed driver.  What would have been a 30 minute drive ended up 2 and a half hours, so I was extra-grateful to get to the front desk.
Mike was the first agent we had the pleasure of dealing with.  He welcomed us and got us quickly assigned to our king-bed room.  He noted with surprise how many reservations I had planned (30ish).  He was also quite empathetic when I related our trek from the house.

In all honesty, I don't remember which nights I spent in which rooms, but here's a short breakdown of some of the rooms I stayed in:
602, 536. 428, 628, 301, 526.

Images from room 301: Corner King Room, Hyatt Place Roseville

The King room is as basic as it gets, yet I still find it to be far nicer than many other hotels.  It's simple, elegant, inviting.  The best of them are the corner rooms, as the layout is a tad more convenient and welcoming.  While the standard rooms feature a television that pivots towards the couch or the bed, the corner rooms have a TV that rotate's 180 degrees.  Viewing from both the couch and the bed in those corner rooms is more comfortable than in the standard rooms because of the viewing angle.  It's also nicer to have a sink and bathroom not visible from bed in the corner rooms, unlike in the standard rooms.

Ultimately, all the rooms are nice, and the beds are extremely comfortable.  Minute problems over our 22 stays included an air conditioner that needed tuning for excessive noise and a toilet that kept adding water throughout the night.  I also noticed stained/dirty blankets in our sole night in an ADA King Tub room, which put me off just a tad.  Our only major issue was one night when we noticed what appeared to be wine stains on the carpet in our room.  We took note of the problem, but it didn't hit home until when the following morning Kim pushed down on the couch to get up, and a piece of broken glass cut her hand.

The cut was minor, but it was still a problem none-the-less.  Upon reporting it to an agent at the front desk, a supervisor provided Neosporin and a band-aid and had Kim fill out an incident form.  The supervisor also offered 5,000 points to cover the cost of the night, which we accepted.

Admittedly it's easy to develop a bias when you get to know the agents at the front desk and they get to know you, but I'm confident in my decision to say that I received excellent service from every agent, though specifically the following people: Mike, Lee, Genevieve, Eric, Tania, and Jacqueline.

The most memorable evening I had was during the Grand Re-Opening Celebration in early February. The hotel had inexplicably renovated all the rooms, despite the fact that it was only a few years old to begin with.  For the grand reopening, catering was provided by two food trucks, including a well known local sea-food establishment.  It was a fantastic night, and on our following stay we were given a spare bottle of champagne compliments of the hotel.


I can easily recommend this hotel for anyone thinking of staying in the Roseville area. While it may not be the most convenient location, it is a quiet and premier location.  The staff are friendly, and the rooms warm and inviting.

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